What are you flushing?

Talking about tampons shouldn’t be taboo, please don’t flush them down the loo.

Tampons, sanitary towels, and other bathroom waste including wipes are clogging our pipes and damaging the environment. Around 800 tonnes of wipes, tampons and other sanitary items are removed from sewers every week in the Eastern region.

Anglian Water spends around £15million every year to remove blockages from the sewers – money which goes on customer bills and would be better spent elsewhere.


In a recent survey of women in the UK, nearly half (41%) said they flushed tampons down the toilet and didn’t know they shouldn’t. The same number of women said they didn’t know this was damaging the environment. 

Sharon Jones, one of Anglian Water’s army of sewage operatives

"I know how messy and tricky tampons can be to dispose of hygienically, however I also see first-hand the damage caused by these items being flushed and the distress it causes people when sewage has backed up into their garden or home. It can all be avoided if everyone binned their tampons, sanitary waste, wipes and other bathroom waste."

Help us keep pipes clear, water clean and bills down by putting a bin in your bathroom and putting tampons, pads, baby wipes, make-up removal wipes, cotton wool, cotton buds and any other rubbish in it. Let’s work together to protect our water and the environment.